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This is great customer service??? On what planet?

This is a terrible company and the owner, Jennifer. is the worst customer relations person I've ever enountered! She is snotty, rude, very argumentative, inefficient and unbelievably unprofessional. Calling themselves V.I.P.

is a bad joke, the customer service is sub-standard at best. Inefficient and definitely NOT HELPFUL -- what an absolutely horrible experience we had. Jennifer did nothing but make the whole thing very stressful, we'd have been better off not using any agency at all.

Personally, I would like to see V.I.P. -- R.I.P.

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Due West, South Carolina, United States #1347301

This company is a scam they take your money and never get back with you on any information on your trip the costumer service is the worst...I advise no one to book or make any deals with this company it's a rip off....

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